Failed - SM Network Access Retries exhausted

Hi ,  

 Some times the SM wait 15-18 minutes before skips to next Preferred AP List  and show this error in Monitor->Wireless "Failed - SM Network Access Retries exhausted"  
  Version 3.0    ePMP 1000 GPS on AP  and  ePMP 1000 SM on client.

 Is this a bug ?

   Ademir Peixoto .'.


Please find Network Entry State definitions in Knowledge Base:

I guess in your case you see:


Course of Action :

Conduct a site survey at the SM to determine if poor link quality is causing a lack of INA response being received at the SM

Thank you.


Have your enabed "Automatic Channel Selection" on the AP's?


Hardik Patel

Cual fue la solucion a este problema, tengo el mismo

We are also seeing Failed - SM Network Access on SM's in Monitor, Wireless, Registration State:

Running Version 3.56 on both ePMP-1000 AP and Force 180 SM's. 

What does this mean?


Any new information about it?

I’m trying to connect a SM to an AP with RSSI -56 dBm and SNR 45 dB and gets this error.

AP and SM version 4.6.2.

Hi @lcalderon113,

we did not have any bugs related to INA RETRIES EXHAUSTED in 4.6.2
So the most probably it is a legitimate report. There can be intermittent interference or whatever. Air is unpredictable.
Could you enable spectrum analyzer for 15-20 min on AP and if possible on SM. Then download tech support files and PM it to me. I will try to find some clue.