Failed to power on virtual machine CNMaestro. License key has expired

So the on prem cnMaestro stopped working yesterday after running for months. I assume it’s cnM that needs a key and not the VM ? Even though nothing says cnM-X I assume the install defaults to the cnM-X trial ? Do I have to re-install everything to get the cnM-basic or free or whatever it’s called ?

Do u have ESX licenses installed ?


That screenshot looks like the VMWare key has expired. You may need to re-enter your VMWare key.

cnMaestro does not prevent the VM from powering on after X expires, it just downgrades the account to Essentials.

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I was hoping that’s how that worked… that said I don’t think I’m running X but the license thing made me wonder if maybe I had been.


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Apparently I do not.