Fall level RSSI Force 180 and ePMP2000

Dear, I am detecting variation of RSSI levels between Force180 and ePMP2000, all with versions of FW 3.4.1. It is normally in values of -60bBm and suddenly drops to -80bBm, for periods of 1sec and then returns to its correct level of RSSI. It is seen in the SM and in the cnMestro as well. This could be an interference problem? or an AP problem?

Are you using frequency reuse? We have a tower with 2.4Ghz freq reuse where we have 2 SM's about 200 yards from each other that do the same thing. Both have RSSI's in the 50's. I kept seeing that they would disconnnect and reconnect to a different AP where their RSSI's was in the 60's. Performance tab looked ok, not great, but ok. I decided to watch the ealign for a while. Both would have random dips of around 25db for maybe one second. Sometimes it would be a chain of these drops, other times it may go many many minutes with no RSSI dips. 

I finally narrowed it down to these SM's seeing the opposite AP using the same frequency. Their RSSI levels would drop to the exact RSSI level they were seeing the opposite AP. All my settings in the AP's were/are correct. They are the only SM's that do this on that AP. It seems these SM's are at just the right distance from the AP's for them to get confused as to which AP's RF they should lock onto. Seems it must have something to do with the phasing, amplitued, etc of the RF from the 2 AP's at this point where they sit. 

We have not seen this at 5Ghz, but I would think it could happen on this band as well. 

If you are using freq reuse, may this will help. 


Dear, I am telling you that I am not using frequency reuse, since I have several APs with the same coverage, due to the density of clients. I tell you that it is 5GHz the problem and it does so with several clients, from the same AP

Same problem here.... any updates?