FCC 3.45 450i, 450m

Will the 3082 and 3083 radios support 3.45 licenses that are set to be released later this year in the U.S.?

Can you please list the full Cambium part number (PN) that you’re looking for… e.g. C030045A001A

PMP450i 3GHz AP, Connectorized Access Point. CBRS and Part 96 compliant


Just wondering if the current radios will be able to use the frequencies released later this year. I see the option on the radios, but wondering how the licensing will work onthe APs.

3 GHz 450i, 450b and 450m will all support these frequencies, yes. There would be no change to the radio to operate in this band.

The original 3.65 GHz 450 SM will not.

Bear in mind, however, that the power limits for this spectrum are vastly different than that of CBRS.

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