FCC 6gh Rules?

Does anyone know the status or when the FCC is supposed to have the final 6ghz rules in place? I really do not want to start doing mass deployments of ePMP 4600 equipment until the final rules are in place just in case there are some odd changes.


tentative timeline that I am aware of is Q4 this year sometime (possibly September), but we are all “guessing” to some extent. There is quite a bit of work going on behind the scenes at Cambium regarding enabling 6GHz standard power/outdoor UNII-5 and 7 band operating with the AFC server network.

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Is the AFC service up and working, or is that part of the bottleneck? Who’s standing on the hose?

I don’t think the “official” AFC server network is operational yet. Hard to know who or what is controlling when things get “turned on” as it is a government agency so we have little visibility.

Hi Jim, with the public notice last week from the FCC, could you help us understand where this puts us on 6Ghz usage with AFC?

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Everyone’s still waiting… if you want a little more information on where the AFC players are at and what the FCC is doing, check out this article:

6GHz standard power operation in UNII5 and UNII7 portions of the 6GHz band Certification testing is in-process at Regulatory test labs per the FCC allowing the testing to start. Nobody knows exactly when the FCC (and Canada) will officially allow real-world operation but guesses are October. Cambium has some products in the Certification process already.

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