Feature Request: -48vdc input

Several utilities we work with have -48vdc power plants and would like to use them to power their future SCADA solution. This is one lacking feature that will force them to consider other vendors. I would like to see the the cnReach product line support up to 60vdc input voltage to allow for this flexability as many of the -48vdc plants output 54-56vdc. Thank you for your consideration.

Eric Wieling

Senior Systems Engineer

Calhoun Communiations, Inc.

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Hi Eric,

thanks for the input. You are correct that the current cnReach radios support 10-32 VDC.  We will consider the requirement to go up to 60VDC as and when hardware modifications are made on the platform.

In the meantime, the solution would be a small DIN-Rail DC to DC converter to convert 48VDC to 24VDC as an example.

Regards, Bruce

I agree -48VDC would be great. Also to ensure it supports -48VDC and not use (+)48VDC, other at least isolate the antenna port(2), chassis and power input from each other.