Feature Request: 802.3af PoE Out On By Default on Enterprise Wi-Fi

I have had a few times where support asks me to default APs. I’m working on a network where I expect the APs to provide PoE output to cnWave backhauls. I would really like the AP to have 802.3af PoE turned on by default so factory defaulting an AP doesn’t require a site visit.

I don’t see any specific reason not to do this - I have not had any issues with non-PoE devices having a problem being plugged into PoE switches, so I imagine this would not have any downsides.

Thank you, Chris


Overall, two different modes of PoE out are supported across all Wi-Fi platforms. Some devices support, 802.3af, other supports both 802.3af and Cambium Backhaul PoE out.

Considering mixed deployments such as cnWave with Wi-Fi, ePMP with Wi-Fi, PTP with Wi-Fi, it is decided to keep it disabled to ensure no devices are damaged.

I thought 30V ePMP, PMP450, and PMP100 hardware would not activate 802.3af PoE. I could test some.

It wont activate but what if hardware gets impacted.

I’m not sure I understand. If the devices that might get damaged by 48V won’t activate the 802.3af 48V PoE, why can’t it be enabled?

You should be able to load a AP profile in cnMaestro that’ll allow you to turn PoE on as soon as it’s provisioned.

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The problem is when support asks you to default an AP. Then, you lose power to your cnWave backhaul and it requires a site visit to fix. I suppose if they automatically meshed on Wi-Fi when wired backhaul is down (like UniFi does) that would provide enough communications to reprovision and repower the backhaul.

I’ve always seen cnWave power the WAP, not usually the other way around; but it’s an equally good idea.

We are using the V1000 which doesn’t have a PoE output.

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Ah yes, that explains it;


Let me test some features of AP, and confirm if it works for you.