Feature-request : Ability to lock TX power (STA) (Or at least set a maximum value)

Currently there is no limiting option in how many power the Station will put out, other than regulatory limits.

It would be nice to be able to ignore the AP automatic algorithm, or at least set a maximum other than regulatory.

Bom dia Guilherme, aproveito sua pergunta e acho necessário realmente colocar esta opção no Station pois na prática, limitei o AP a receber RSSI de até -56dBm mas mesmo assim clientes próximos (0.3miles) ficam com RSSi em -49dBm com potência de 12dB, segue print do meu station para confirmação.

Device Name ES0060_Daniel_da_Sil…
Operating Frequency 5480 MHz
Operating Channel Bandwidth 20 MHz
Transmitter Output Power 11 dBm
Country Other
Subscriber Module Priority Normal
Network Mode Bridge
Downlink RSSI -49 dBm
Downlink SNR 48 dB
Uplink MCS MCS 15
Downlink MCS MCS 15

that would be nice, to manually adjusting power if’d you’d like

“manually adjust”

In Release 2.3, you will have the ability to set the Max Tx power on the SM manually (with the option to leave it on Auto to allow the AP to control the SM’s Tx power).