Feature request - backups

It would be really nice if cnMaestro could pull configuration from all devices daily and store up to the last 5 configurations that has changed and store them on cnMaestro itself and be available for download in case a radio goes bad we dont have to reconfigure everything from scratch.



Hi aalejandro -- thanks for the feedback. Configuration backup is on the long-term plan for 2018. We expect to start more simply (by saving Templates, AP Groups, and WLANs), and then move into individual device configuration storage and versioning, as requested below (which is significant for PMP and ePMP). The advanced features are tentatively targeted for mid-2018, and we should start discussing them during cnMaestro presentations next year. We will also add the ability swap out devices, so one can apply the saved configuration directly to the replacement.

Thanks looking foward to this on 2018!