Feature request : Carry over old settings

Hi  Cambium 

Im sure alot of us that are elevatng will agree,  to move 15-20 subscribers over it takes a good 2 hours to do and leaves alot of room for mistakes when are are 2 or 3 of us working on a sector.

Some suggestions : 

1) Would it not be possible to somehow save the netowork settings, pppoe on from the ubnt SM before elevate so it carries over after you elevate. Right now you have to write down all MAC's and then manually re-enter all settings. Sometimes client has custom port forwards etc and this adds alot of manual work time to do this. 

2) The standard elevate AP key poses a poblem when you have other sectors within range when you elevate the client it reconnects sometimes to a sector on another tower because it scanned that first. Also what happens if there is another operator nearby also doing Elevates the client could connect to their sector. Being able to select an SSID in some kind of preconfig mode would help 

Hi Mario,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are looking in this directon now to make elevating process faster and easier.

Thank you.