FEATURE REQUEST: cnMaestro API dynamically configure SM to QoS profile

Objective: Configure ePMP SMs with proper QoS profiles based on many various plans that are updated often to reflect market patterns, etc.

Problem1: Only 15 QoS profiles can be configured on an ePMP AP

Problem2: QoS parameters only exposed in SSH interface on AP

How difficult would it be to code this system to allow for more QoS profiles? How about 50?

Also, I would love it if the configured QoS profiles were exposed in the SNMP MIB of the SM, so that I could make a script that chooses the profile with the next higher speeds. For example, if a sales person chooses our plan for 20x7, and the there is no 20x7 QoS profile, but there is a 22x8, my script would choose that 22x8 profile, and configure it on the SM through either cnMaestro or through SNMP.

I could script the query of QoS info by finding out which AP MAC the SM is connected to, subtracting 1 (in hexadecimal) from that MAC address, querying cnMaestro API for the IP address related to that AP MAC address, then SSH into the AP to get the QoS info and parse the text that is returned, but it would be much easier if the QoS info was right there in the MIB of the SM, or even if it was available through the API...either way. The PMP model allows modifications to QoS all through SNMP directly on the SM. It was very easy. No AP involved at all. ePMP adds a lot of difficulty to this task.