Feature Request - display detailed ethernet status for ePMP in cnMaestro

In the device > details page, ePMP devices show “up” or “down” for Ethernet interface. No reason this shouldn’t show the current speed / duplex.

PMP devices show the current speed and duplex.

If you go to the AP > SMs list you can see the speed/duplex of the ePMP SMs, so the data is in cnMaestro, it just needs to be displayed on the SM’s detail page.

Yes! That info is already on the GUI, it should be quick and easy to add that to the display there as well.

Not to hijack your suggestion thread, but there is tons of other information that is buried three menus deep, which could easily be included on a main status or ‘dashboard’ type page. For example, the GUI already knows if the spectrum analyzer is on or off… why is that not displayed on the main page somewhere? A simple little graphic up on the title bar (alongside the GPS and Internet icons) would save SO much time if it’s been accident left on. Just one of many examples…

Lots and lots of info (including the Ethernet details) should be added to more convenient places.