Feature request: Ecosystem partner antennas for ePMP

Can you add antenna patterns for ecosystem partner antennas?

We use KP Performance antennas at our ePMP sites and would like to do PMP planning in LinkPlanner.

Hi Jon,

At present we only support the Cambium offered antennas for the Access Point as we use a 3D antenna pattern to determine the gain to each subscriber. We use a proprietary format to store these efficiently within LINKPlanner and don't yet have a capability for users to add their own patterns.

If you can provide the specific KP model numbers that you are using, we will investigate whether KP can provide the 3D pattern data required.



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Was this ever done? Did either KP Performance reach out to yourselves and/or did you'll reach out to KP?    At least this is a positive sign that Cambium is willing to work or even consider this as an option and doable.  Kudos to yourselves.

I am hoping that this can be done with RF Elements Horn antennas.