Feature Request ePMP

As far as what I've read in the release notes the only means of upgrading the GPS firmware is through the radio GUI.  It would be a lot more effecient to have this as a selectable option in CNS.

Hi Ben, 

Upgrading the GPS firmware is something we decided to not include as part of CNS for the following reasons:

1. The upgrade of the GPS chip firmware to AXN_1.51_2838 is deemed as a one time thing. We don't anticipate any future firmware upgrades. We dont anticipate any new GPS chip firmwares on the current ePMP platform, going forward. This firmware addresses a specific issue with the chip which we didnt catch when ePMP was launched over a year ago. Since then, its been almost a year on this new firmware and we have not encountered any new issues with the chip.

2. We prefer that the GPS firmware is upgraded directly from the radio with the user/operator micromanaging the upgrade through the GUI. Performing it from CNS adds a bit of complexiity to the procedure since its not just a software upgrade. Software is more resilient to upgrade failures which is not the case with the GPS chip itself. 



Sounds good Sriram, thank you for your response!

Ben - something that is in the newer ePMP software releases is the ability to upgrade both the running software as well as the GPS software via SNMP.  

Having the SNMP option has greatly helped me when doing larger deployments as I just script the upgrades so that they're hands off.