Feature Request: Expose public IP

Would be great to click onto a customer's cnPilot R200 and easily see what their current public IP address is. Right now we just see their internal IP address (192.168.x.x) which is assigned by the gateway upstream of the R200.

Could you post screenshots of where you see the IP address in cnMaestro?

I checked a R201 device in cnMaestro cloud and in multiple places I saw that the devices WAN IP address was reported.  I had the R201 WAN Interface set to use DHCP to mirror your setup.

This was on the cloud servers running Version 1.4.0-r12.  If you are running On-Premises please let us know what version you are running.

I discussed this internally with other developers.  It sounds like the device is behind a NAT and you want the public facing IP, not the WAN IP reported by the device.  Is this accurate?

This has been discussed before and we are considering solutions for this in a future release.

That's correct, device is behind a NAT but we'd like to know the public IP of the connection. 

Even if there was a way to see a log of the public IP the device uses to connect to the cloud, which I'm assuming you'll have?

Yes we do, send me the cambiumID and the MAC address of any one device whose public IP you would like to know. Please send me the details via private message.

Thanks, appreciate your offer to check customers on an ad-hoc basis by emailing you. Is it possible to get this feature request baked into the software?