Feature Request: Historical Frame Time graph for ePMP AP

We would love to see cnMaestro collect the downlink frame time / utilization information from ePMP APs and then graph it out, just as it already does for throughput and retransmits.  Other radio platform NMSes do this for us (example screenshot attached) and it is extremely useful as it makes it very clear both whether we have a problem with one or more customers not achieving good mod rates, as well as give us a good idea of what the real-world max performance is of our sectors.

Thanks for the consideration,

-- Nathan


To be clear, I'm not asking for a new feature in the radios themselves.  The AP already reports this information (at least for the downlink).  I just want to see a historical graph of it made by cnMaestro.

-- Nathan


Thank you for the feedback and valuable screenshot.  There is currently a ticket open to develop this functionality.  Keep an eye out for CNSSNG-4312 in future release notes.