Feature request: RADIUS VSA for config file retrieval URL

There are many requested features remaining for ePMP. One of them that I’d like to see is a RADIUS VSA for config file retrieval URL. Be nice to have parity with Canopy’s “golden” config file option. It’d be much easier for us to manage this via RADIUS vs DHCP option 66.

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Hi @George_Skorup,
thank you for the request! Could you tell the whole scenario of how you are using it in your network?

We’re using this VSA for our PMP gear:
Cambium-Canopy-ConfigFileImportUrl = tftp://<tftp_server>/golden.cfg

We use this to enforce the basic parameters like SNMP communities, local user accounts, etc.

We would like the have the same functionality on our ePMP gear.

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Thank you! I will add this functionality to our backlog!

since you are already using VSAs to get and set configs, you could also just have a basic VSA template that all devices of a select hardware type use and push that plus the user specific VSAs. This is what we do and it ensures that all user devices will have the correct config parameters as long as the default config parameter is not blank or disabled.

it would be nice to enforce a common tftp based config like how SIP phones do though!