Feature Request: Scheduled Reboot

We would love an opion to reboot APs (maybe even SMs) but at a time we would pick. so we can see about reboots some APs after config changes. But at around 3am or so and not have to be up.


I have forwarded this  to our support and development teams.

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Thanks! I think it would be a very useful feature!

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+1 Bump for scheduled reboots.
cnMaestro development feels like it is stalled just when it is showing so much potential. I get the focus is on ‘X’ feature$ but don’t forget the base product sells radios too…

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They just got an update… mostly cbrs and 60Ghz radios.

Also, I’m sure they are planning for the “Pro” release changes too.

You can do a scheduled reboot under the Inventory tab. Select the device(s) and go to the Actions menu in the top right and do scheduled reboot. It’s a little cumbersome, but works. You have to select the tower to be able to see the APs. Now I wish they would add scheduled config change with so many changes requiring a reboot. With 450 you can make changes then schedule reboot, but can’t do that with ePMP.

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Hi ,

Scheduled Reboot is Available under the Actions dropdown in Inventory page . This gets enabled only after selecting the devices(AP, SM or WiFi Devices) .

Scheduled Configuration jobs feature is available from cnMaestro 3.0 release .