Feature Request - Sufficient Power

I’ve been having a nightmare install with XV2-2 APs that are for some reason reporting insufficient power and turning off their radios.

They’re plugged into 802.3AT switches with plenty of power budget - Turning off LLDP seems to help (still testing).

But it took forever to diagnose the problem as it was only reported in the AP’s local log. The only indication in cnMaestro that something was wrong was noting in the WLAN tab that the configured WLANs weren’t there or looking into the detail at the radio state.

This is a major problem when it occurs - can’t we get an icon in the list or an obvious flag somewhere indicating power problems? This is going to be a huge issue with the XV3-8 units, too as BT power often isn’t available.


Hello and thank you for the excellent feedback. We do have an existing cnMaestro feature request for cnMaestro to provide a warning if the AP detects it is not receiving sufficient PoE power from the PoE power source (PSE). I will provide an update once we know when we expect to have the feature available.

I’ve had to do this to get XV2-2X working. I had issues with both a PoE switch (30w per port) and a 60w 50V Ubiquiti PoE adapter at client site.

Logs stated critical power issue radios disabled until turning off LLDP.