Feature Request - WPS button on login screen

We have approx 400 R200 and R190V routers deployed and have more and more customers asking for WPS access. 

Since the router is managed by cnmaestro, and has no physical hardware WPS button, our staff need to manually log into the customers router and push the soft button when they are trying to connect WPS-Only air conditioners and printers. 

I see there is a basic useradmin account which exposes too many settings and doesnt show the WPS settings tab. 

Would it be possible to create an option to show the WPS settings on the login screen as we do not allow customers to log into the routers?

In the upcoming release, we will add options of WPS settings for the Basic user.  

Taking account of security, any user should not be allowed to configure any parameters without login access.  



Is it possible to create a user with only WPS access and no other settings? 

The basic user can already adjust settings which we dont want. 

Having it on the login screen would be better because in a typical router the WPS button is on the side which doesnt require logging in - you just push the button. 

Has this been implemented yet? 

Hi ,

Its still not implemented . But new R195 router comes with physical WPS button , which can be pressed to enable WPS.

For older plateform we will try to address it in next release .




Thanks for the reply. So it's only the R195s that have WPS button.

Do you know when you may be releasing a new update to add this for the older models?




R195 has a physical WPS buttons .

For older plateform we will add it in EASYUI , which will be accessed through useradmin login. Will try to add this as part of 4.7 release.

For now Its available in admin login  Wireless-->WPS.




Please add the soft button function for all routers not just old platform models.

This will make it possible to still use the function in the event that the hard button on the back of the r195 and future models malfunctions or breaks.


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