Feature request

I've noticed that cnMaestro does not show the SM SNMP Location or Site Contact anywhere in the SM dashboard, or even as a searchable field in inventory. Instead, there is a "description" text box but it doesn't look like that's populated from any setting configurable on the SM. In Wireless Manager we can easily search by SM location, but cnMaestro does not look like it has this capability. It would be nice if we could search by Site Location, since all of our SM's have them configured and it makes it easy for our NOC to locate an SM. I'd rather not go through all of our SM's in cnMaestro just to add their address to the description field.


This sounds like a reasonable request.  I can understand how you would like to use it that way.

Can you help me understand how you fill out similar fields on the PMP AP devices (or other Cambium gear)?  Screenshots like the one you provided are helpful.  

I want to make sure that we consider all of the device types.


Please DO NOT use the "Description" field other than for what it already is.  It took me long enough to get you to populate it from the information entered at the onboarding.  We use "Device Name" as an identifier, but can see where it would be beneficial for some to display the site info.

We do fill out the SNMP fields on our AP's, but I think this change would be more beneficial for our NOC staff when troubleshooting or locating SM's. For example, in Wireless Manager you have the ability to sort by address(location) like below.

In the SM dashboard you can also see all 3 SNMP fields that are configurable on the SM. Right now we don't see these in the cnMaestro SM dashboard. 


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When you are adding site info to cnMaestro - While not modifying the "Description" field, please add the "Description" field to the Dashboard Access Point Details and Dasboard Subscriber Module Details widgets.


Hi Luis -- yes, we will add Description to Access Point Details and Subscriber Module Details (it makes sense to be there).