February 24, 2017 - Brush with Fame

Have you ever done work to connect a celebrity or well-known person using Cambium equipment? They need broadband too. Share your story and or photo of a famous person you connected (be sure to explain who they are for our international audience). Our judges will award a hat to the top three stories.

The first two people who post a photo of them with a celebrity they connected with Cambium equipment win a free ePMP Force 180 SM.

I know Aeronet connected a Rihanna concert in Puerto Rico...

In our last ISP we provided a point to point shot for Derek Daly of Indianapolis 500 Fame. 


Just a regular guy living in a million dollar house in the country with no other options.  No pictures as he was a private guy, just thought I would share.


We provided a connection to one of Phil and Penny Knight's vacation homes located in Terrebonne, Oregon, near the base of the famous climbing/hiking spot, Smith Rock. I got to meet Penny a few times, never Phil though.

We provide internet to some of the Nosler family... inventor of the 'Partition Bullet' designed for big game hunting.

We also provide internet to the cousin of the guy who helped invent the internet, Vint Cerf.

Provided services to the late, Ben Westlund, an Oregon high-level politician, that also served as state treasurer. 

Unfortunatly, no pictures with any of them :-(


We provided service to Arnold Swartzenager's  ..(hope I spelled his name correctly) We b Design support

guy for 10+ years till he got cable :(


We have one of the Sharks from Shark Tank on our network using a PTP230, we had two at one point be one of the sharks sold his cottage, we still have service there to the new owners

Neil Smellie

Core Broadband

Interactive North

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We Have four winners who connected the famous:

  • j2sw
  • Eric Ozrelic
  • dmilholen
  • Neil Smellie

Please send your shipping address to solutions@cambiumnetworks.com and we will send you a hat.

We would appreciate a post of a photo of you wearing the hat.