Federated still shows devices as Registered that have been offline for up to two years

We have had Federated as our SAS since CBRS began. We are using cnMaestro on-prem with an http proxy.
Our bill from Cambium shows 2378 SM Monthly Usage for the month of September. Our Maestro instance shows 2115 SM in the CBRS system. Federated shows 2194 Authorized, 8 Granted, 265 Registered CBSD in their portal, but also includes APs in the count. Doing an audit of the Registered devices as listed by the SAS, we are seeing radios that were removed from service as far back as December 2020 that still show up as Registered for Federated, including a 450M AP that we replaced back in March 2022.

Are we being billed for devices that aren’t in service? Any idea how to remove inactive Registered CBSD from Federated’s system or should we expect them to age out at some point?

So first off, assuming you’re using cnMaestro/Cambium for your SAS billing, you won’t be billed for CBSD’s that are AP’s. Second, de-registering and deleting CBSD’s from cnMaestro should eventually remove them when a sync with the SAS occurs.

We double checked our Domain Proxy through our anchor account and the radios I checked are still listed there. I removed one from the Domain Proxy and then checked Federated to find it had been removed from Federated as well. Tried another with the same result. Looks like I will be continuing the audit to manually remove those SM that are no longer in service but still Registered in the anchor account. Thank you for the response sir!