Hi guys! I want to build a fiber wifi network for resale purposes. Who can direct me to right setup or person? I need info on antennas to be used and setup etc.

Soooo... do you have any experience in networking, IT, wireless or fiber to begin with? No offence, but the way that you've asked this question makes me believe that you have very little experience in this realm. What you're asking is most likely a huge undertaking. There are many things to consider when deploying fiber, fixed wireless, running a WISP, a business, etc... far more then can be covered in this forum. Your question is similar to someone asking "Hey, I want to build a rocket to to go the to the moon, what do I need to buy to do this?"

Here are some things to do and consider before starting a WISP:

- What is your experience in wireless, fiber, IT, networking, computers, etc? If very little, are you willing and able to learn and spend countless hours reading forums, going to conventions, joining WISPA, etc... if not, can you afford to hire a consultant at 6 figures to guide you?

- What's you're budget? If you're supporting a family, or are on a fixed income, or living pay check to pay check... this is NOT the business venture for you.

- Have you done any market analysis to see what internet options are currently available?

- What does the environment look like that you're trying to deply? e.g. flat, level ground with few trees? or mountains, valleys and lots of trees?

- What fiber, backhaul, or DIA providers are available to supply your ISP with bandwidth?

The list goes on and on... I'd suggest taking time to think about and reflect on these first few major questions before spending any money on equipment and venturing down this road.