Fiber Ethernet Ring with cnMatrix

Hi guys

I wonder if I can create an ethernet ring with fiber using EX2028P swithces

but which SFP shall I use? I´m trying to build a 54 km ring with 5 Km between sites.

Do the cnMatrix switches can handle Itu.t G.8032?

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cnMatrix current release does not support G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection. It's in the roadmap.


Thanks Tam

I was adviced to use a third party Monomode 10Km SPF´s have anyone tried this?, I Mean connect 2 switches for more than 2 o3 Km beetwen them?

I think I can solve the automatic routing using OSPF Protocol instead of take advantage of G.8032.


Hi Rick,

Regarding the monomode SFP, I will ask Jon Chau, our hardware architect to respond.

OSPF will be available in our upcoming release 2.1 (mid/late June). Can you please let me know your routing requirements for this deployment?

- number of routes

- number of areas

- number of neighbors, LSAs


- ABR (not in 2.1 as our switch will be at the edge/access of the network)

- Route Redistribution

- Route map (not in 2.1)




Regarding 10G SFP+ optical transceivers, no problem running with 10km parts.

Yes, these "LR" SFP+ transcesivers have a max reach of 10km, using Single-Mode fiber(or monomode as you call it).

For shorter reach (up to 300m), you can use "SR" SFP+ transceivers with appropriate Multi-Mode fiber.

You can also use "ER" transceivers, which can reach up to 40km.

In fact, there are transceivers that will go beyond that in distance as well.

From the top of my head, vendors that we have tested include Finisar, Opnext, Sumitomo, etc.


- number of routes:  no more tan 20

- number of areas: 2

- number of neighbors, LSAs: 13

- ASBR: 2

- ABR (not in 2.1 as our switch will be at the edge/access of the network): 2 (the same ASBR will be the ABR between Area 0 and Area 1

- Route Redistribution: 1

- Route map (not in 2.1)

very basic drawing attached

Has ERPS (G.8032) been added as a feature yet?

ERPS is currently planned for 1st half '2023

Has this been added yet? specifically cnMatrix TX1012-P-DC

ERPSv1 is currently available in the latest release 5.0.1.

Hi, ther is any guide to configure ERPS on cambium cnMatrix EX ?

Hi @Enkeled_Alla
Please download the cnMatrix_User Guide_System Release 5.0.pdf from here: and go to pages 230–232 for the ERPS configuration and troubleshooting steps.