TITLE: Do not mix single server licenses with redundant licenses on the same license manager.

PRODUCTS: BAM License Manager / Canopy License Manager

RELEASE: BAM 2.0 / Canopy License Manager 1.0 (FLEXnet Licensing version 10.0)

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: The Canopy license manager doesn’t allow mixing a 1-server license with one or more 3-server licenses. This requires that redundant license purchasers to remove the dummy license (which is a single/1-server license) right after they install their first license file, and then restart the license manager service. Additionally ensure that the same exact license files are used on all Canopy license manager servers.

HOW to TROUBLESHOOT: The error messages generated from this issue will look similar to the following:

9:33:40 (motocnpy) BAMServer dummy
9:33:40 (motocnpy) Cannot run both 3-server and 1-server licenses:
9:33:40 (motocnpy)/usr/local/Canopy/FLEXnet/license_files/bam.35003056.2004.Jul.15
9:33:40 (motocnpy) Exiting
9:33:40 (lmgrd) Please correct problem and restart daemons

HOW ISSUE WAS RESOLVED/WORK AROUND: When redundant licenses are installed remove any single license files (including the dummy license file which is a single license file from the /usr/local/Canopy/FLEXnet/license_files directory and then restart the license manager service (as opposed to performing an “lmutil lmreread -a”)Also ensure that the same exact license files are being used on all of the Canopy license servers.