Field installation of the PMP 450m AP in Rwanda, Kigali

Field installation of the PMP 450m AP in Rwanda, Kigali city by Axiom Networks: enjoy

PMP 450m AP mounting-1 in Rwanda, KigaliPMP 450m AP mounting-2 in Rwanda, KigaliPMP 450m AP mounting-3 in Rwanda KigaliPMP 450m AP mounting -4 , aside PMP 450 i AP and PTP 820S in Rwanda, KigaliPMP 450m AP mounting-5 in Rwanda, Kigali


These are great pictures, thank you for sharing!

You are most welcome!

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What are you connecting? how many business and residential subscribers?

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Hello Mr. Savich,

we were connecting a mix of middle and high bandwidth consumer businesses (12) and few residential customers (10) at the moment on the installed access point. Mainly we added the PMP 450m AP to mitigate the interference and test its capabilities in the city. We usually connect businesses in Kigali. But we do have some other 18 customers connected on the second PMP 450i access point part this base station.

Thank you!

Niragira Olympe


Great to see pictures and progress on your project. I have the EPMP2000 and EPMP3000 with PTP550 but all are great products.


Thanks for the pictures! Interesting... literally a "bird's eye view"! Glad there are people that like to climb towers... I'm definitely NOT one of them!


Thank you @jlauk .

My pleasure to take those pictures.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe