Field Service Bulletin (FSB) - PTP820S 1+1 HSB Not Performing Switchover

From release 8.5.5, a software defect has been discovered that affects PTP820S 1+1 HSB configurations.  This may result in the HSB radios failing to respond properly to protection switchover triggers:

1. Loss of active unit – does not switch.
2. Lockout – does not switch.
3. Radio/Ethernet interface failure – does not switch.
4. Manual switch – does not switch.

The permanent fix for this issue will be available in the next release.

The recommended workaround is to downgrade the affected system to Version

PTP820S systems running Version do not support Line Protection mode with LACP electrical GbE ports. Only Split Protection mode (connecting an optical GbE port of each unit to an optical splitter) is available with this software version.

Please refer to the forum post here, for more discussion on this issue.

The FSB (FSB9068) is attached here for reference.

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Hi Steve

Is there any timeframe for the firmware release that will address this issue?  Will it be released as a hot fix firmware release or will we have to wait for the next full update?


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Hey, has this been resolved?

I would like to install units in a 1+1 configuration, however, I don't want to use 8.3 as I am not a fan of the optical splitter


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Hi kanzi331,

Yes, the 1+1 HSB configuration is working without any problems reported on the latest 10.5 release.

If you have any problems configuring the 1+1, please contact our support team at


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Thanks Steve Clark!!

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