Field Service Bulletin - PMP 450i Adapter Plate Screws (FSB 9062)

Attached is an Field Service Bulletin (FSB) for PMP 450i Connectorized Access Points when they will be used with our existing sector antennas.

The screw holes are very slightly different than the adapter plate holes, and the screw is a different thread size.  Cambium Networks will provide "thin neck" adapter screws and spring washers for any unit that does not have them included.  Please contact support (referencing this FSB 9062) with the quantity required and shipping information, and Cambium Networks will ship adapter screws to you.

Moving forward, all units will ship with these items in the box, but in the instance that you obtain a unit without,please contact support and we'll get them out to you soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Also, in case it's not clear how to attach these, instructions are provided here.


The LPU have extra ground screws that I assume are ment for the AP except the AP already has them. Those fit quite well when I had this happen a few times.