Filtering and pagination of CLI commands

The command line interface on the E series of devices is accessible over telnet or ssh (recommended) and can be used for configuration, monitoring as well as troubleshooting. Sometimes CLI commands can result in a large amount of output which can be difficult to parse. One way around this is to use the filtering and pagination options available in any 'show' CLI command.

For example if show config results in output scrolling across multiple screen-lengths, you can have the command serve up output one page at a time by piping the output through more:

cnWest-E400(config)# show config |more

Similarly you can pipe output through the unix regular expression matching program grep to only view lines of interest, or to skip lines that match a pattern. For example to filter out and view only the events related to client connection (which would start with WIFI-6-CLIENT-CONNECTED) you can do:


cnWest-E400(config)# show events | grep CLIENT-CONNECTED