Filtering in APs events


I am trying to troubleshoot some issues on AP with communication with RADIUS, but I am having trouble to filter events under specific AP by “Name”. I can’t set filter for “WIFI_CLIENT_AUTH_SUCCESS”, although it exists - if I scroll down manully I can see multiple events. Also when I download everything into .csv, I can filter also with “WIFI_CLIENT_AUTH_SUCCESS”.
We are using cloud Version 3.0.4-r36. Am I the only one with this issue?

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It seems that when scrolling down for options, there is nothing after letter “S”:

When trying to type it in, there are other options too, but not the one we are looking for:


The one you suggested is in filter, but it is not the one I am looking for. Here is the example of my problem:

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Hi AnzeZ,

We will check this and get back to you.