find ip Ap (ptp link)

hello, I have a ptp connection (ap — station) I enabled NAT and I have access to the station but I can not find a way to get into AP. How do I? I have the password. thanks


Can you provide some more information? What software version are you on? What is your AP Management Access Interface set as? (It’s under the Advanced area of Network tab.) Is it set as LAN only, or LAN and WLAN?

hello, the station is in NAT mode WAN Static IP, Static IP LAN. THE software version is 1.4.4 for both. I can not log in to the remote AP because I do not remember the ip. I do not remember if I set LAN or LAN and WLAN.
Using MAC address you can not recuerare the ip? I would like to be able to come remotely without going in person (difficult).

If you have access to the station. Can you change it from NAT mode to Bridge mode? Once in Bridge mode, configure your Laptop to be on the same subnet as the Station.

Once the Station registers to the AP, try using the “Default IP” address of to gain access to the AP. You may have to try this a couple of times, as the default IP address for the Station is too. Just verify the icon in the upper left that you are on the AP.

Hope that helps.