Find public IP on E410 onboarded on CnMAestro

Hi there,

Do you know if i can find the public IP address of an E410 onboarded on CnMaestro?

My CPE is an 4G router don’t have a static IP on it.

Thanks for your ideas.

Hi Lucas,
Inside Tools>Debug>Advanced, you can run “Show ip interface brief” to get the CLI command o/p remotely from the AP.


Thanks Anand but i don’t see how to get the public IP address with this method. I cant get my LAN ip address not the WAN one.

Hi Anand & Lucas,

We will add that feature in the upcoming release of cnMaestro. As of now, we read the AP ip from the updates received from the AP.
Going forward, along with the private ip, we will also read the public ip from the incoming packet of the AP.


Thanks for the answer and the upcomming feature.

If you are in the US… Unless you paid for a Public IP… You have a carrier grade NAT connection.