Finding 7.1.4

Hey all,

I inherited a client with a bridge set up consisting of 2 pair of BH20 2.4 DES, SW ver 7.07. the macs indicate they are p9s.

The Ethernet port on one of the BH slaves keeps locking up. After digging through the support pages and the forums I have concluded they probably need a SW upgrade, but I am having major difficulty figuring out the upgrade path.

I know the next version up must be at least 7.1.4 to overcome the lockup issue, but the earliest release available on the support site is 7.3.6. After reading the version notes and the forums, it appears this release, and later releases have a whole different set of bugs, not the least of which is a co-lo interference issue.

The bridge is for simple transport of video and functions well when it is up. I am not concerned about the advanced features, I just need the ethernet ports to stop locking up.

ANY help is appreciated.

I have never had an issue going from 7.x to 7.3.6.