Firewall ports required for XV2-2

Which ports should be allowed on a hardware firewall with multiple XV2-2s connected to cnMaestro Cloud?
I see UDP traffic on ports 22612 & 22610 from the APs to and the only reference I can find to this is in old Xirrus documentation:

Are these ports required for cnMaestro, or communication between APs, or just for Xirrus XMS? (which I’m not using). If anyone can point me in the direction of relevant documentation, I’d be grateful.

only out to 443

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UDP traffic on ports 22612 & 22610 from the APs to are used for roaming.

Thank you @nirajlochan that confirms what I assumed. I take it from that, that 22610 & 22612 should be allowed to access on the management VLAN for correct roaming operation. And from @PFR that 443 should be allowed to the WAN to reach, which they both are currently.

But my last question remains, which I’d be grateful for your thoughts on - where should I look for clear documentation on ports currently used by XV2-2 and even better any example firewall rules.Thanks!

Am working on this and update you ASAP.