firm ware versions

does it make any difference to the network if all the SM’s are not on the same firmware version? What are the differences? Does it matter how many are not the same firmware?

just curious because i have some sites that are mixed 6.1 and 7.2.3. I dont see any draw backs of it.

Before I upgraded everything to 7.3.6 I would have said no. The network was running fine.

just wwhen I think I got the network dialed I’ll do something like checking all versions, make a few tweaks and we will get a subtle to significant improvement.

My experience is that my network runs best when everything is normalized.

Jerry, you don’t have P10s yet?

Nope. We just upgraded last year to P9.

Speaking about SM’s. We finally got in some 900SM’s. Because of the back order all over, I was expecting that we would get P10’s on 8.1.4. Strangely enough, the SM’s we got were P9’s on 7.2.9. If there is such a shortage, where is the new stock?

Just a thought…