Firmware 6.4-r5 - WiFi4EU / Guest Portals not working!

This is important information for everyone who uses or implements WiFi4EU networks or other networks using the guest portal.
After upgrading from 4.2.2 to 6.4 it is not possible to log into the WiFi network. The browser window opens, but the hotspot does not allow the authorization address in the Cambium cloud. After going back to 4.2.2, everything is back to normal!

We have same issue with XV series with 6.3.5 firmware.
E series with 4.2.2 working fine…

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Now 6.4 is available for e4x,e6x family :slight_smile: And the problem rise again :slight_smile:

Did you try some older fw for XV? Or we are waiting bug fix? :grin:

Rather waiting for fix ? But I’m not sure it will be in 6.4 ?

For those using WiFi4EU, please continue using 4.2.2 software for E-Series products.

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And for xv series? Few months after installation still an issue (doesnt work)

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Hi Pshemo,

  1. Could you please invite me( as a super admin, if you are using cloud? .
  2. Are you using cnMaestro based guest portal?
  3. What type of authentication are you using?

Raja M

Hi Raja :slight_smile:
ad 1. Already added
ad 2. Yes (WiFi4EU)
ad 3. Open - project requirements.

Problem with 6.4-r5 not affected in 4.2.2 :slight_smile:

Seems there are number of Guest Access related known issues listed in the 6.4 release notes document (page 17):