Firmware discrepancies between cnMatrix Support Site and available firmware in XMS-C

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Can someone help me understand why there would a difference between what firmware is shown on the cnMatrix Support site vs. the XMS-C platform that we use to manage our cnMatrix switches?

4.2.1-r5 - Available on XMS-C as Mainline and cnMatrix Support site under Archive
4.3-r3 - Available on XMS-C but not listed as Mainline or Technology and under cnMatrix Support site under Archive
4.6.1-r1 - Available on XMS-C but not listed as Mainline or Technology, however is not listed at all on cnMatrix Support site under either Current or Archive
4.4-r3 - Not listed in XMS-C but is listed under Archive on cnMatrix Support site
4.5-r3 - Not listed in XMS-C but is listed under Current on cnMatrix Support site

Please see attached screenshots.

  1. Why do these discrepancies exist?
  2. Why can’t I tell what is a “Technology” firmware release in XMS-C
  3. I would have expected the “Current” release on cnMatrix Support site to be the “Technology” release in XMS-C and the one release behind to be the “Mainline” release. Can anyone clarify this for me?

A number of cnMatrix firmware updates were removed (4.6.0, 4.6.1, and 5.0) due to issues that may corrupt configuration data. A field service bulletin will be issued soon.

That’s fine and I expect firmware to be pulled for such reasons. However, what I wasn’t expecting is to find differing firmware listed within the different platforms which makes it really confusing as to which latest firmware to choose. Presumably not the 4.6.1-r1 in XMS-C since that version is known to cause issues, but why is it still there? If 4.4-r3 is the latest, why isn’t it in XMS-C?

I would also like to understand what constitutes a “Mainline” vs. “Technology” firmware update? Is the “Technology” the very latest and therefore we may have already been on 5.0 were we on that setting, before the firmware was pulled? At what point is “Mainline” put on a later firmware?

Hi @Eric_Ozrelic

the service bulletin fsb9089 - English (linked in the Relese Notes of 5.0.1) has wrong informations (about PTP850C!! I think someone’s copy&paste gone really wrong).

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Thanks for pointing this out :+1:

I’ve notified the admins of that page so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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Thanks. Will correct the bulletin.

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When will XMS-C be updated with the latest firmware as it’s still as shown in the screenshot above where 4.6.1-r1 is the latest but is known to have issues, 5.0.1-r4 is no where to be seen, leaving 4.3-r3 as the only viable upgrade option.

XMS-C reverts the firmware back to the versions set within the platform so if I upgrade via the switch GUI, XMS-C reverts it back.

I see XMS-C has been updated to include 5.0.1-r4 but 4.2.1-r5 is still set as “Mainline”.

At what point will 5.0.1-r4 become “Mainline”?

We will deploy 5.0.1-r4 as the mainline build in the next couple of weeks.