Firmware needed

Hi, I have trying to get to this ftp site where you could formerly get some older firmware:, I have accessed it in the past.

I get the logon screen and input canopy and canopypass as username and password but then the session times out. Does anyone know if the logon info has changed?

I really need to get 7.3.6 pkg2. We acquired a P8 5700SM that had been taken up to 8.2.2 and it does not work in our system. We cannot go to Hardware scheduling due to economics, and have many old units in service, P7, P8 and a few P9 in 5200 and 5700. All are at 7.2.9 except the 5700AP that is at 7.3.6. I have CNUT 1.1 and 2.2 and figure I would have to attempt taking this unit back using CNUT 2.2? I also have 8.1.5 so can take it to that and then 7.3.6 if I can get that firmware. This is a small operation and every unit counts!

Thanks for any help

Do you have any Canopy devices that are less than a year old? Just put the MAC address in the canopy download page and you can get 7.3.6

Everything we have is pre 2005, we resurrected this network last September and just have what was in place then, plus a few things we have bought used. So we have to find other ways to keep going.

Thanks for the reply

Frank, check your private messages.

JWelch, thanks for the quick support.


Just want to do an FYI for others trying to take units back from 8x to 7x . Thanks to this forum, we were able to get the unit back to 7.3.6, but found tht the fpga version was still tied to hardware scheduling. (DES sched). Using Cnut 1.1 we took it back to 7.2.9, same problem. We ended up going all the way back to 4.2.3 before the fpga became DES only. We then took it back up to 7.2.9, where our other equipment is and it now links to our AP. Thought this might be of interest to others facing a similar issue.

Thanks to all in this forum for all the great tips and help.

Hi there - needing firmware for a Canopy 5700 - prepared to work with any version at this point - unable to find any anywhere - have a SM that we can reset, can ping it, but it won't load the config page - have an AP that we have followed the same process for and works fine so we trust the process, think we have corrupt firmware - any help really appreciated