Firmware recovery process R200

Hi All

Does anyone know what the firmware recovery process and ip address for tftp is on an R200?

I have a unit that will not boot up

Thanks in advance

Have you tried this?

Forgotten Password
If you have forgotten the management password, you cannot access the configuration web GUI.
To factory default: press and hold reset button for 10 seconds.

On the 200, the "reset button" is conveniently located on the front and labeled "RST" in highly visible white capital letters. You'll need a reset button tool (otherwise known as a paperclip with one leg folded out) to depress the button.

On the 201, the "reset button" is ever so conveniently located on the back, and labeled "RST" in highly visible white capital letters..

Again, you'll need a reset button tool (again, otherwise known as a paperclip with one leg folded out) to depress the button.

Below please find a picture of two Cambium Networks reset button tools.

Notice that our preferred bending angle is between 90° and 180° from the original position--this gives quite a bit of maneuvering flexibility.

When you are preparing this tool, be sure to choose a paperclip of sufficient quality, while also keeping in mind that the paperclip's gauge must be sufficiently sized to enter the "RST" hole.

Please use in good health!


To finish answering your question,

Logging in from the LAN port
Ensure your PC is connected to the router’s LAN port correctly.
You may either set up your PC to get an IP dynamically from the router or set up the
IP address of the PC to be the same subnet as the default IP address of router is

Again, use in good health!

so the router does not issue an ip address, and i cannot reset it, and i cannot ping

The router was powered down during the upgrade process and is now "bricked"

I need to to a factory firmware recovery using the tftp that most routers accept.

What is the process to do it?

On a ubiquiti router, you hold down the reset button for ~20 seconds while the unit powers on and then you can upload a firmware file using tftp. Many other routers have similar processes. What is the correct process for the r200 to upload a firmware file without using the web gui?