firmware release mailing list


I'm told there is no mailing list that helps admins keep up to date with firmware and software releases.

Seems simple enough thechnologically speaking so then the question would be why not?


While Cambium is working on that specifically, make sure your email preferences are current with what we have by clicking: 

I can't seem to get that link to work, just takes me to the Cambium home page.

Do you mean this page which only lets you update the email address?


Have you registered on the Cambium support site?   If not, please register on that site first and then try the link in your post again. 



Yes I've been registered for a long time, link still redirects to the Cambium Home Page. Maybe try that link from outside of Cambium's office network? Or maybe this is limited to paid Support Plans--I saw something recently about those plans providing expedited announcement communications.