Firmware Updates and Firmware Update Software

I'm looking at replacing my older 900Mhz Motorola equipment and back in the day you had to buy support to download and update the firmware (Motorola).  In reading through the current documentation I see links to newer versions of CNUT, which I used to download at no cost but, but now it shows a "where to buy" link.

So my question is do I  have to buy a support contract for firmware and also the updating software with current products?  Thanks.

All the software and firmware updates are available for free via support > software and document downloads, no licensing or purchase required :)

I have been wondering why the CNUT page asks you to buy it too, it is available for free via the downloads page 

As noted, you can download the latest CNUT version here:

If you can post an example of where you are being asked to purchase it, I can see about getting that corrected.

There are other links in the latest user guide that take you to the same "Where to Buy" pages.

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Also going to show the following statement about maintenance which may also be incorrect.

Thanks for pointing this out... it will be fixed shortly.

There is nothing incorrect about this statement.  Typically, we allow software downloads for 12 months, and in order to be eligible for further downloads, a Software Maintenance agreement should be in place.