Firmware upgrade (not software)

Hi all,

I have 2 cnMatrix:

Firmware Version Diag-1.03.01
CNS Software Version 4.2.1-r5

Firmware Version Diag-1.00.15
CNS Software Version 4.2.1-r5

As you can see, they have the same SOFTware, but different FIRMwares.
EX2052 have a newer firmware, is there any possibility to upgrade a firmware on EX2028?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Sure, you can find updated firmware for all cnMatrix switches HERE.

The newest stable release is 4.6-r2.

Sorry, you are talking about software, not firmware.


Indeed both of your switches have the old diagnostics firmware. However, the diagnostics firmware is not required for the switch operation. It is mainly for engineering access to perform advanced diagnostic tests during the switch booting up. The cnMatrix software posted on Cambium Support is required for the switch operation.

The diagnostics firmware can be upgraded via CLI or the Web GUI. I can share the new firmware if you feel strongly about upgrading the diagnostics on your switch. Again, it will not affect or alter the switch’s functionality.


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