Firmware version confusion in Maestro for cnPilot R 4.6

Hi, just saw that cnPilot R series 4.6 was available, and uploaded it to On-Prem Masetro 2.2.1r32. There are two different file versions that appear for R201 vs R195 in the file list.

Here, when I select a file to upload to a router, the user has no idea which version to use, R8 vs R16. I suppose On-Prem Maestro 2.2.1r32 doesn't know about the R195 flavors yet?


cnMaestro running 2.2.1-r32 supports R190 and it is documented in the release note. R195.JPG

Regarding your second request on how to different the version, let me check with the team and keep you posted. 

Hi ,

If you have R201 devices with you then you should select 4.6-R8.

4.6-R16 is for customers who are using R195W device.

NOTE: Since we have different firmware version numbers for different models, a single cnMaestro "upgrade job" must contains all devices of same model only. 


Thanks for the responses. The reason I posted in the first place was to highlight the fact that the dropdown is not helpful when deciding which version to use. I had only a single R201 selected and both firmware files were selectable.

I hope future versions of cnMaestro will only show firmware versions that are compatible with the selected device.

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To be consistent with same version, we have upload 4.6-R16 for all model R190 , R195 R200 & R201