First Cambium install, Force 300 with VLan

My first experience with Cambium, I bougth the Force300 bridge in a box setup. I have a setup with two Vlan’s, one for managment and one for camera surveilance.

I want the camera vlan, ID32 between them, but also be able to manage them using the management VLAN ID1. I would like Vlan1 untagged, Vlan32 tagged

Am I thinking correct with this setup?

first, DO NOT USE VLAN1 !!!
vlan1 is a special vlan that is used to provide inter-switch control messages and is very dangerous to actively use. This is because regardless of your configuration of your switches, vlan1 exists and can pass data on all ports. You are opening yourself to allowing vlan hopping to and from vlan 1 which is unrestricted.

if you want the management interface to be on an untagged access, leave that field blank with the priority set to at least 1 above the data vlan or 6 if you want top priority. We found setting to 7 caused issues so I suggest to use 6 instead. then save and the disable the management vlan and save again. (this is to ensure your default vlan is set for management access.
enable your data vlan and set its priority to one less than the management vlan priority or 4. this only comes into play when you are managing the radio, so a lower number will not affect throughput or capacity.

on your switch, set the port’s native vlan to the management vlan and set the port to trunk mode and the allowed vlans to 32.

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