First licensed PtP link

Hi everyone,

I'm just posting this to see if I can get a few tips.

I've configured and aligned quite a few ubiquiti unlicensed P2P's so I'm really familiar with what to look for when aligning the dishes.

Now, I've just been asked to put up our first licensed P2P link and I'm in need of a little help.

It's a motorola PTP-820 system and I've been reading through the documentation which shows examples of the interface.

I'm pretty sure I get how to configure most of it to do what I need which is a straight layer2 bridge between the two locations.

The things I'm struggling with is  how to find what I normally look for in a Ubiquiti link like signal level (-50 to -60) on the horizontal and vertical chains and how to find the same information in the motorola interface when we go to put it up and align.

It's 18ghz so I understand it'll be very different than unlicensed, but what I can't figure out is where the "signal level" is in the motorola interface and what "good signal level" I am looking for to tell me if we have it aligned well or not.

I think in the motorola interface I'm looking for is the "RSL" level, but I'm not sure and if it is the RSL I'm not sure what a good reading on it is.

Am I looking for -50 to -60 here too or is it something different for a licensed link?

What is the "Predicted Receive Power" from your LINKPlanner file?

If you've used some other program to plan your link, what does it say that the estimated receive power should be?

I hope this helps!


Thanks, that did help a bit. 

I knew what the receive power should be from the link planner but I just couldn't tell where I could view that information in the web interface of the ptp-820.

Once we started aligning the links I found it though and the link is up and running fine.

Maybe you could help me with something else though.

I'm wanting to change the management vlan for the units now and I'm not sure how to do this.

I've looked at the example given about enabling the in-band management and looking at that, if I wanted to only set the management port to a specific vlan  and not use in-band managent I would add a service point on the MNG service and attach it to the management port and set the c-vlan to what I need?

Does this sound correct to you?

I need the same info.

I have configured and connected a pair of 820s on the bench.

How can I read in real time the signal to do a fine alignmnet?

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