Fixing Scheduler Errors?

We have two 450Ms that are pretty loaded, AP1 has 94 SMs and AP2 has 96 SMs. These are both set up with same settings, but there is a key difference between them. AP1 has a range of 1 mile and everyone is clustered right in front of it while AP2 has a range of 10 miles and it looks like a shotgun went off in the sector. I realize these are two very different scenarios for MU-MIMO to kick in, AP1 is pretty ideal.

We've been getting an increasing number of complaints on AP2 that customers are getting latency and speed issues. We've had providers check cableing and alignment and when we we do link tests it seems to be okay. We just upgraded the AP to 16.1 and the SMs are scheduled to be upgraded early next week.

I did notice that AP2 has scheduler errors, which I believe when reading is associated with MU-MIMO having issues. Is this normal in these types of situations where there are customers scattered throughout the range of a 450M? I'm also wondering if there are settings we have on AP1 that might not be the best settings for AP2 not having all the customers close in.

ON AP2, when you do a Link test to multiple LUID's, what sort of results do you get, and how do they compare with what you're currently pushing through that AP?

Have you tried loading the AP and the clients into LinkPlanner to see what it thinks your overall AP performance should be?

Lastly, dunno what firware you're running on the SM's, but I'd get all those running on 16.1 ASAP.

I know the plan is to get 16.1 onto the SMs this week. We do have an open ticket with Cambium regarding 16.1 showing weird speeds when applying bridging and MIR to a speed test. Might all be related.