Flow Control

How to enable Flow Control on ePMP1000 AP Gps Sync?

I can't see option in web gui



Hi Mirko,

In case you mean rate limitation for subscriber modules, you should use MIR(Maximum Information Rate) profiles.

Please open Configuration QoS tab.

Thank you.

No, I mean Flow Control protocol for best TCP Throughput

This is the ethernet with epmp attached

Flow Control is enabled in Mikrotik

Flow Control on Mikrotik

But doesn't receive packet from cambium

NO Pause packet

Flow Control is enabled by default, it means Ethernet HW will send flow control messgages when Ethernet driver can't handle big packet flow.

Ethernet HW can receive flow control messages from link partner and it will pause the transmission if Ethernet driver will try to send a big packet flow.

I see Rx Pause is 0 now, are you expecting another value?

Is Ethernet overloaded now?

Thank you.

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Like fedor pointed out,   you'll need some traffic to get these guys to start barking out pause frames, but they are working with flow control.   just won't send a pause until its needed.  here is one of our busy sites thats kicking pause frames. 


Mikrotik send Pause Frame, so there's some bottleneck


The problem is that I've 45Mbps on ePMP and only 24Mbps on real TCP speedtest from customer PC




Could you please provide more details regarding your issue.

What tool do you use for TCP througput measurement?

What is expected throughput for Wireless link?

Could you please share wireless statistics?

Thank you.

Problem fixed.

It was a Frequency channel.

Changed to another and cpe speed up

Thanks for support