For Sale / Trade Forum

How about a forsale/trade forum so that we don’t have to turn to Ebay to buy and sell new/used Canopy equipment?

While we’re on that topic…

Anyone interested in trading a handful of 5.2 or 5.7 SMs and several APs for a new set of 5.7 20mb BH?


Specially seeing that there may be a lot of upgrading going on with the deployment of Advantage AP and SM’s. There may be a glut of “classic” AP and SM’s on the market.


Com’on Big /’/’ ! Don’t make us easy prey to the vultures at Ebay!

While a good suggestion, at this time we have no intention of turning this forum into a commerce site.



Ken Magrow
Canopy Product Support Manager

Thank you for that.

IF you guys are using 900 Mhz?You should check out with a 17.5 and 14.5 Dbi Yagi antenna. By Kp Performance Antennas

Take care