Force 110 installation / troubleshooting

Good morning everyone,

I've setup a few PTP Force 110's and have had pretty good success, even though they seem to take a while to align.  My signals have been between 60 and 70, within 4 to 12 miles apart and successfully pushing a solid 80mb through most of them.

I'm in the process of setting up another link and its just giving me problems...

This one is less than 4 miles and going from about 160' to about 45', the link is replacing a UBNT 3ghz that was pretty solid before, just needing more throughput.  My line of site should be good and I've done a spectrum scan, but I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

The best I can get out of the link is in the lower 80's and pushing about 20mb/5mb.

My question is what would be the best way for me to troubleshoot the link?

Here are some things I've tried already:

  • I've tried a broad spectrum of frequencies so it shouldn't be interference
  • I've tried to align the antennas for hours from both ends and it just won't hit the mark
  • I've tried different power / gain levels from both sides with minimal differences

I'm almost to the point of just replacing one dish at a time and hoping it's a hardware issue.

Is there anything I haven't thought of or should try next?

Here's what I'm thinking:

  • Start with a frequency with the highest gain / power settings available
  • Get the signal as strong as I can and save the config
  • Start replacing dish parts until I can narrow down what may be causing the issue, could it be the radio or the transmitter?
  • Replace the radio and restore the config and see if that does the trick.


Thanks for your feedback,


Have you done a Path Profile in Link Planner?  You could start there.  Also, you could force the SM to high power rather than auto.  Is this link for sure line of sight?  Your MCS are lower and it seems like there is some RF issue.  You could also verify polarity is hooked up properly on both sides.


I did a link planner just to confirm, but I can see the tower from the other tower so wouldn't have thought that was it.

We ended up replacing the dish and it dropped down into the 60's.

After further investigation it didn't appear the radio was snapped into the dish all the way so it was crooked I suppose.

I guess the little things make a pretty big difference.

Now the backhaul is running as expected, thanks for the info.

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